Rewiring 36V battery ti 12V?

Hi there people!

I’m very fresh here and I realise that my post might not be entirely within subject of this forum but as i take same principals apply arpund EV vehicle words I’m looking for help here.

My [B]question[/B] is: -Is it possible to rewire ([I]or actually run second loom[/I]) 36V bicycle battery ( i[I] can’t post url’s as new user, let’s take typical Samsung 36V 10Ah bicycle battery[/I]) for 12V?

I’d like to have second use for my bike battery as an RV/Motorhome leisure battery. RV system is 12V. I know I could use some step down module, but this will introduce voltage conversion losses and primarily, phantom drain.

The way I would like to use it is to connect everything via regullar 36V socket on my bike for bike :wink: and in camper via DIY 12V loom through external BMS.

Your thoughts gents and gals?

Not practical. IMO

Rewiring from series to parallel is difficult. Add the bms wiring to that. Not worth the effort for such a small battery.

Parallel is 12v 30ah. Buy another battery.