Replacement tires

I’m replacing all four tires on my eL currently, the tires are 155R12 765. I’m looking at 21 1/4 x 8.50-12 from the Golf Cart tire store.

Gem Car Tires

Do you folks that have GEM’s longer than I have, do you see any problems with using these tires? Do you have any recommendations for a different dealer?

Thanks for your time.


Have had four GEMs at work over ten years. We have several eL trucks and use Carlisle USA Trail in the 5.3X12 size. The narrower appearance looks odd at first, but we have been using them now for years. The narrower tire actually makes steering the older GEMs easier, especially with a load. The Carlisle have a two ply sidewall, were the imported 12" tires are only one ply. The Carlisle tread comes in either four ply or six ply, which handle heavy loads well. We use the four ply # CL519077 . These tires really do last.