Replacement/spare keys for e2

Wanted to put this out there for anyone that needs replacement or spare keys for their e2. I just ordered from a company that my e2 dealer connected me with. The company is Midwest Security Products, I’m paying $15 + shipping for 2 new keys (they are sold by the pair). The one thing you need is the number off your key, mine was 062, or if you don’t have a key the same number is on your ignition switch. Great price !!!

Thanks for the information. That IS a great price!

Thank you… Great information.


Thanks for the Tip… I purchased a set and received themin the mail as promised 3 days later. Great Find !!! Thanks again…

I hope the local thieves don’t see this post.

Do they also do door keys and/or keys to a cargo box??


I was able to get door keys and cargo box keys from these guys:

Lost A Key