Renault's ZE Concept

At the paris auto show this week , some of the models on show are still prototypes — such as Renault SA’s Z.E. Concept

Pretty interesting design ill say that.

Ceo of Renault said at the show

“The investments needed for electric cars are colossal,” Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said during the auto show, which opens to the public Saturday and runs for two weeks.

“The question is not whether demand will be sufficient. It is whether supply will be able to follow the demand that is already out there,” he said.

I totally agree if the car manufacturers just release something the consumers can sink their teeth into and start production on some of these models then the demand and supply will or should balance out but someone needs to release a viable electric car soon that the average person can buy or the demand is just going to go thru the roof as im sure it already is now.

Heres the full article if you want to read it.