Any new concept cars caught your eye?

There seem to be new concept vehicles being announced every week at the moment! Are there any new concept cars which have caught your eye recently?

this is a test reply, as my long interesting letter yesterday got wiped off, most of these forums are to difficult to get, a reply in, and don,t give enough time to write anything, without it being deleted. so, what do you all think about the VOLPE GURU, the only one that seems practical, very little known so far. would like to know if it is eligible for the uk £5000 grant or part of, it does not look as though it is, the gov. puts to many restrictions and get out clauses in the system, you can see them on youtube, and on the volpe website.

The VOLPE GURU looks like a very nifty vehicle - perfect for short journeys I would guess?

These different shaped cars were laughed at a few years ago but they are more accepted today.