Concept design... Your Thoughts Please

Greetings - Just bought this, and would like to hear some feedback on the design… Do you think it would make a good electric car? And by good, I mean commercial and marketable to the public…

Thanks, Russ

I saw that for sale on e-bay a little while ago, GREAT looking car, BUT bad design in visibility… i dont think it would pass for US saftey standards…

as far as the design goes… i love the car and how smooth it is.

It’s easier to digest than the Aptera. I don’t think you can go mass-market with it. Car design has moved on from early 90’s jelly mold styling, and besides, as Feus pointed out so many changes would have to be made to turn this into a practical vehicle that it would be unrecognizeable afterwards.

I do think it’s a neat collector car. I’m surprised Jay Leno didn’t snap it up :smiley:

What a fantastic looking thing! Whats the running gear under the body?

Who built it, looks like something from a star trek episode!