Recommend Chargers that can do both Lead Acid and Lithium

I have the Zivan NG1 Charger, couple weeks ago it went out, wouldn’t power up at all. Took it apart and replaced the main fuse and it started working again. Now it is powering up but when I connect a power cord to it I get the flashing red light and the beep beep beeeep. Gem drives fine, charged batteries individually with regular charger, voltages are all 12.x but still same issue.

Looking to replace it possibly with h a charger that I can program to do lead acid now but switch later when my tinkering funds are replenished and I can get some lithium cells. I saw the Chargery C10325 says it can support both, anyone use this model or another brand/model that can support charging both?


The delta-q, but only one at a time. Either lead or lithium.
The C10325 can do anything from 12v to 102v.

The Chargery Charger that David sells is very flexible. It can work as a charger for many battery chemistry’s or simply as a power supply.
David can explaine more but you can set it’s charge levels low to “jump start” a dead pack. Example some chargers will not even start until they see 60+ volts.

I use my Chargery Charger in conjunction with my stock delta Q to Fast charge running both chargers at once

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