Rat-Rod Gem (back from the dead)

So about 2-3 months ago I was gifted a 2008 E2 that was in pretty bad shape. Frozen brakes, chipping clear coat, rusty bits everywhere, White House paint overspray top to bottom, torn seat, dead batteries, and just overall poor condition. The owners had the vehicle in Key West at their second home for most of its life, but since sold the home and stored the vehicle outside initially then in their garage of their north Florida beach home afterwards. That’s the bad; here’s the good, just prior to the storage they put a new D&D motor in it, six new agm batteries dated 12/16, and 4 new tires. While I’m a car guy and mechanically inclined, I had seen these but never knew anything about them. After research and reading here I managed to get it charged and operational. Replaced brakes and rebuilt the brake system, cleaned and repaired most of the rusted bits, repaired the seat, added a back seat, led lighting, chipped away the clear coat and bed liner painted the front and rear cowlings, put new brake lights and made a new rear wiring harness, and other odds and end things. Still have a list of things I want to complete but here’s a couple of pics from the day I got it and several from today. Going for a rat rod kind of look since it’s being brought back from the dead so to speak and thought it fitted this great little project.

Good looking. Very true to the theme.
Love the front spider webs on the hood!

Nice Ride! I love the matte black look!

Love the look just got mine running again. Wanted to know how you mounted that seat on back . Looks great. Would like to add one on mine. Any help would be great. Thanks