R4F and D&D warranty, support and service experiences

Thinking I’m going to just shelf the borked GE 5hp out of my 2002 until I have time to rebuild it, I’m leaning toward either R4F or D&D for a replacement / upgrade and, yeah, I know, same motors (built by D&D) and R4F also includes a controller reprogramming for their higher cost. Haven’t totally decided which one I want to go with yet…

For those that have had to deal with issues with one or the other, how’s the service and support experiences been with these two companies?

Not sure if there is a 3rd or 4th motor company out there as an option, open to hearing about it too if anyone has experience with them.


been using them for years and have always been happy. Unfortunately, this is a 1 man (support) show so be patient

For a 1-man operation at R4F, they sure are responsive. 2 hours or less response time on any emails I’ve sent.

D&D, not so much. Still haven’t heard back from them after 3 or 4 days on what the differences are between the various GEM motors they advertise for sale. One on their site, two different versions of that one on Amazon (green package / red package) . The longer “torque motor” that they have on fleabay is pretty obvious.