GEM 2001 looking to upgrade my controller. If anyone could help me out in finding someone to reprogram my GEM electric car. That would be great. Looking forward to learning more about my gem car thanks.

Set aside 3 hours and read every post in the GEM sub forum. It will give you a valuable education.

Actually the T1 controller is second only to a T2 controller and will do the job if your on flat ground. They are both 350 amp controllers. The T2 has a bit more heat tolerance is all. Not necessary unless you want to run miles flat out or live in the hills. You also may have the 8.9 Gear box. The first thing you need is a disk brake kit from NEV Accessories $700 2nd is a set of 14 wheels with 22 inch tires. (If your cart has the 12 inch wheels with 21 1/2 inch tires your good to go.A RFF 7 1/2 HP motor at $800 should complete the setup.

Brakes are the most important item. 1st generation GEM stock brakes aren’t good for anything over 30 MPH when in TOP shape. Less when cylinders start to leak.