2001 E825 bad T1 controller repair or upgrade to T2

Hello, new to the forum. Been reading in the forum for the upgrades for the GEM car. I have 2001 GEM E825, bought it since new but have been garage kept, only has 844 miles on it. 5years ago when I moved, it had dead batteries, so I upgraded to NAPA Gel batteries and new charger from R4F, but didn’t drive much and didn’t kept it charge all the time. My kids are getting older so decided to get it running again few weeks ago. Had to replace 2 of the gel batteries and was able to get it to run again. We drive around for a week, every day and put in about 100 miles before the controller blew up. Talked to Jim at R4F and he send me the repair manual for it, thanks Jim!, and pointed to the bad controller. I took the controller apart and confirmed 4-5 rectifiers were blown.
I was planning on doing some upgrade on the GEM. It was running ok and get up to 25 MPH on the flat and 20 on the hill, will like to get to 35-40MPH eventually and drive on the road vs just in my neighborhood.
Looking for recommendations as to repair the T1 or upgrade to T2, possible T3 or newer controller. From what I read so far looks like T2 with conversion cable maybe better for 01 GEM. Then upgrade to 7.5HP motor, then upgrade the wheel and tires. I have stock 12" wheel and tires still in ok shape, but it’s 20 yrs old so will need to replace soon. I will prefer gradual upgrade in few stages vs. do all at the one time.
My thought is to upgrade to T2 now, possible change the program in the controller to make the existing 5HP motor go little faster, then upgrade to new motor later.
Any recommendations from you went to the similar process is greatly appreciated.

Upgrade to T2 and to 32 MPH. The 5 may live a while.

Where do I buy the update cable from T1To T2 Controller have a controller thats been smoked some tried to wire it purchased very cheap so going to a neighbor get into gem

Hello, I have a code 66 on my T2 controller, 2002 Gem Car E825.
Are you able to replace the mosfets? Thank you, Scott

Dave Besson (INWO) can. suggest you have it remand at FSIP

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Hello, would you have the circuits to repair a T1? The same thing happened to me but I can’t repair it because several components were burned when it exploded and I don’t know what goes in each place to replace them, thanks in advance for the trouble

Exploded? This is not normal behavior. Can you describe what you were doing that presented you with such a dramatic failure?

From your description I’d say repair may not be the best path for this controller. I doubt even the trained professionals would touch it.

It would probably be best/easiest/cheapest to find a used one.
Where are you located?

Hello, I put it into operation after a long time and I did not realize that the wheels were a little braked and it burned, I am in Argentina but I want to find one there and send it to a friend in Miami, do you know of any T1 for sale? or some way to get the internal circuits of the T1?