Programming 2001GEM

I’m looking for the magic magnet and looking to reprogram my controller?

I can help with the hardware. Rodney can help with the settings.
Make several versions of MM now. What are your expectations?

Got your email.
Ask Rodney for his opinion.
I believe he prefers dip switch model for motor safety.
He is testing one for me now.
It’s a little more money than 1/2 model.
Have an LX handset for sale with one cable. $200

For everybody’s information I have Dave’s Dip switch unit. It has 4 switches and with different settings it’s truly a unit for the uber enthusiast . If you are aware that it requires a bit of knowledge of the limitations of your ride. It is the ultimate toy.

For the average owner with a stock motor I would recommend Dave’s newer configuration with less selections. And performance limits.