Problems after park brake replacement

I’ve completed the replacement of an emergency brake unit in my friends 2 passenger GEM. P/N 2205110. This required a different cable and comes with a different park brake interlock switch. Everything is back in place properly and the wiring matches the instructions, but the beepers don’t operate correctly, and the car won’t engage the motor. Any ideas?

Possible wiring hookup error

There are two wires, they are color coded and the installation instructions include a picture to show where each color is attached. Tan wire on top, red stripe wire on the middle, bottom terminal empty. That can’t be the problem. There ARE two types of switches. Are they different? One has a much longer lever to interact with the “nub” on the E-brake handle.

Is there a power steering to this car? Or a factory stereo to this car? This is where the info is saved for information from parking brakes and power steering is held. Depending on the car make, there may be adapters to add that records all this info and places it on your dash mileage board. I saw this on a video on you tube. Several features of the car stereo records all information and at start up places this on your front dash board. All information was lost, so not picking up anything because the system was changed.