What else can go wrong?

Finally got my 2008 Gem e2 running. Fun little vehicle! Great for trips to store and down to the beach. Got in it yesterday to go for a spin. Backing out of garage. Stopped to pick up some stuff in the way. Parking brake on.
Got out, moved stuff, got back in. Gem will not move! Brake icon still on even after I released parking brake. Fiddled with brake handle several times trying to get light to go off. No Luck. It seems parking brake micro switch (which was rusty) gave up the ghost. O well, ordered a new one be here in a fewdays (I hope). Question–is it possible to circumvent the switch temporarily?

Yes you can

Can you elaborate as to how it might be done? PM me if you need to.

You have to figure out which wire is common then connect it to the “run” wire MAKE SURE you unhook the park wire before connecting the run wire. I believe the center wire is common but not sure,