Problem hooking up New Batteries

The rubber plug in the tin cover on the bottom of the gearbox. Pry it out with a screwdriver.

Any good 80/90 gear oil.

Got her home yesterday. Drove it up and down driveway and down the street a bit. It’s a little weird driving it because it’s just sat in garage since Oct. A little shaky on the brick street but smooths out nicely on pavement.

Lights and horn work. Backup beep is annoying but probably should have it. The new DC board is a sealed unit. Looks nice, handbrake is new works good.

Finished hooking up lights to bed. All that’s working now but for some reason I can’t get the brake and turn signals on unless I turn the lights on. The ones on the car work with the lights turned off and I just tapped into those in the battery compartment. I’ll have to check again with my meter and see what went wrong. Unless the lights I put on require constant power to work or maybe there’s not enough voltage to work them too unless the lights are on. I know when I was hooking them up they wouldn’t come on until I had the turn signal wire hooked up too.

I also purchased the Cree headlamps, someone on here mentioned them. Got them on eBay for about 40.00. The stock headlamps aren’t too bad. I’m going to hook one of the Cree’s up and see how they look.

I was thinking about replacing the horn but it’s actually pretty darn loud. Not as nice as a two tone but should be pretty effective. Glued a small washer to the roof and I have a magnetic light to be used as a dome light.

I plugged in the charger last night and it ran for about two hours before shutting off. So that works. It’s ready to get inspected so I’ll be taking it in Monday if I have time and then get it registered.

Should be fun times. Not going to replace any vehicles but it should be fun to use now and then.