Price to ship a Gem E6 from DC to Arizona?

Anyone use any shipping companies to ship their Gem before? Looking for the cheapest way to ship mine to IMS in Arizona to get it redone. Cant find anyone who will lift mine on the east coast.

Cheapest method of shipping typically is an open car trailer where they stuff 8 cars on there. Im not sure the Gem would fit because its rather skinny.

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I’ve used uship several times.
Last time I hitched a ride from Texas to Mn in a brand new enclosed trailer going from Texas to St Paul.

That is where they bid on it correct? I am in no rush so maybe that is the best way, you wait until someone is headed that way and hitch a ride for a good price. Just not sure if i should list it as a car, because shipping cars seem fairly cheap. But if wont fit on most car trailers that could be an issue.

Costs nothing to list it. Tell them exactly what you want.
Say there is no hurry and set a target price.
You will get the usual high bids first, don’t get discouraged.
I had a $25k boat shipped from .ca. a gem from Texas. A few motor cycles.
Sometimes it falls together, other times not. Nice to deal one one one with a one man show.
Oh, and a boat to the coast going to Sweden. Never heard if it got there.

For comparison sake, I’m in Ohio and I’m buying one in Georgia. My plan is to drive the 900 miles, slap it on a trailer and drive it back. All that being said, the trailer will cost me 200 ish for 4 days and I’m sure I’ll spend that much in gas too.

Not looking forward to that drive home.

Quote Uship. Read previous posts. I had an 18 foot boat shipped from Wisconsin to Florida a year ago. I couldn’t of made the trip for what the guy charged.


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The trick is having an open schedule.
Someone delivering a new enclosed trailer from Texas to Mn. put my Gem inside. :slight_smile: