Press Brake and E4 pulls to the left

I have a feeling I need to replace the brakes. Squeaks very loudly as well. Pulls hard to the left when I press hard. Doesn’t pull at all when I gradually press the brakes to a halt.

I saw the thread about tapping the drums to they can be easily removed next time. So I intend to do that. But still need to get the drums off first to inspect. Just wondering if anyone has a tutorial out there on “HOW TO REPLACE FRONT BRAKE SHOES.”

I put 5,000 miles on this 2002 E4 that I’ve owned for three years. It is my daily driver as my work is only a mile away and the speed limit to work is only 15-25mph.

Also, is there compatible brake shoes (part #) I can get from NAPA or Advanced Auto? I remember seeing that compatible-parts a while back…

Thanks for the help.