Poulsen's cheap plug-in hybrid conversion

For a measly $ 3300,- Poulsen offers you the chance to convert any car into a plug in Hybrid…of sorts. Poulsen Hybrid system utilizes Permanent Magnet, Axial Field (PMAF) motors which are mounted externally on the hubs of the rear wheels. Throw a six pack of batteries in the trunk and there you go! Your own PHEV (well sort of) in less than 4 hours! The idea is that the (limited) electric traction on the rear wheels alleviates the job of the IC engine thus reducing fuel consumption. Any DIY engineers out there with an informed opinion about a scheme like that? Check it out here:


I want to like the idea but I can spot a couple of drawbacks straight away:

1 It looks kinda silly (okay, I could live with that:cool:)
2 Poulsen doesn’t mention anything about range (very limited? they kinda suggest 15-20 mls which is really not a lot because…:rolleyes:)
3 …When the batteries are depleted, wouldn’t the electric motors increase drag and so actually increase fuel consumption (not to mention the battery weight):confused:? Maybe for that reason…
4 …the website doesn’t actually say how much fuel one would save:(
5 The trunk is for luggage, not for electronic junk:mad: