Portland State FSAE electric race car

Hello all,

Myself and some other engineering students have created Portland State University’s first formula electric race car. It uses an AC system, 200V of Lithium NMC cells, a Remy HVH250 motor (from a Chevy Tahoe hybrid) and a Rinehart Motion Systems PM100DX generation 2 motor controller. We’re still testing and validating it, but it drives and we’ve got a track day to see how much torque we can shove through those slicks into the pavement. The motor is capable of up to 400 Nm of torque, and is designed for a much higher voltage, but looking at probably 45 kW peak power (~60 hp) if I remember correctly.

It is designed for autocross racing, the average speed is only 30 mph, it is electronically limited to 3000 rpm.

Viking Motorsports - Portland State University

Viking Motorsports Electrical Safety Form

For those interested, this is our entire design log with schematics, CAD drawings done in Solidworks, etc.

Video of short test drive

Our race car team is selling one of our motors, a Remy HVH250-90 SOM. We’ve been using a similar motor, the HVH250-115, and it has worked great. It is very powerful with more torque than we can use in an autocross application.

Nice Conversion qsullivan. I wish I was closer to come and see it.
Thanks for the deal on HVH250. Can’t wait to get this motor on my conversion.

Here is my 1st Conversion - 67mgbgtevDOTtumblrCOM