Portable 12v 2-3 amper battery

Hey, I need a portable battery that will last for a good number of hours(aiming for 12~), the use of the battery is to power a telescope system, which requires 12v 2-3 amps(what I currently need requires 2 amps, but in case I connect anything else, it would be preferred to have the ability for more).
I thought about a few different ways:
Deep cycle battery, thats probably the best option for me, but its super expensive where I live, so Im currently looking for other options and ideas.

Car battery, which is also a way, but as far as I know car batteries aren’t made for being discharged and charged over and over again, which might end the battery very fast and might be a waste of money.

I also thought about buying those jump starter power banks, something with like 12-16 amper, which might be ok to use, but again the 12v of those batteries are to start a car etc, and Im not sure continuous use like that would be healthy and good for the battery.

One more idea I thought of is buying a bunch of 18650 batteries(like 10-20 which should give me a total of around 32-64 amper), then wiring them together(not necessarily all of them at once), adding a 12v regulator, wiring it to 12v 2-3 amps output(Im not really sure how to do it tbh).

What do you guys think? I think a deep cycle battery would probably be the best solution, but its really expensive so maybe there are other solutions I can use, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Go with a car battery with a trickle charger. (12 bucks at Harbor Freight)

The thing is a car battery is not really suited for being discharged and charged as far as I remember, and that might kill the battery rather quickly.

Does it need to be 12v?
A good lithium solution will be double what a good gel battery will cost.
$200-$500 guessing.

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Yes it needs to be at 12v, and yeah 200-500$ is way too much…