Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid wont charge at work

Hi everyone, and thanks for any thoughts. I have had a Porsche Cayenne S E-hybrid with 7.2kw charger since the summer. It charges with no issue at home but it won’t ever charge at my office using the level 2 charging station in the garage. I can hear the battery clicking on and off, but it will not begin charging (this goes on for hours).

The facility manager has actually replaced the transformer in the breaker room during this time (which I thought was the issue) amd still no charge. I’ve read anywhere from 198-203 volts at the charging station using a multi-meter. It has charged fine at the EVSE sales office using the same hardware.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and have any thoughts on the fix? Does anyone know if there is a safety or programming feature which will prevent charging below a certain voltage that could fixed with a patch allowing for charging at lower voltage?

Thanks and happy new year!

7.2 KW is a bunch of power. 1 possibility is that you have 220 volts at home and at work you only have 208 volts which is common in many industrial/commercial facilities.

Please copy us on the solution when you get it.

Thanks so much and will keep you posted. In the event thats not the case, do you think there’s a chance that the car has a 208V cutoff (or something slightly below) programmed for Level 2 charging and will not take anything below that? Thanks again.

Haven’t got the foggiest - might be in your owners information packet. How ever all that being said I don’t think Porsche would have missed that.

How big is the transformer?
Dedicated to charger?
What size conductors and length of run?

How about a picture under the hood of this puppy?