Charging question

I bought a BMW level 2 charger and have run into a small problem. I am trying to use this charger with 220v / 30 amp generator and The charge will not work. It is giving a fault code.

From my understanding generator power is different than “house” power as it doesn’t offer a straight smooth power and fluctuates. This causes the charger to turn off and not work.

Does anyone know of a way around this? Is there a different fast charger out there that will run off a generator or some sort of amplifier or power converter that will allow my charger to run off a generator?

Thanks for your time,

I don’t have an answer but if/when you get this working I would like to know how much gas you use to get a full charge. Then how far you can go on this charge. Very interesting.

it 's about 2 hour

And you cant set less ampers? On my R-EVC charging cable I can set 6-32A according to circuit breaker, I have it from www r-evc com These connectors are great, in our country you get only 10A charging cable from car dealers and this cable safe me a lot of time!:clap2:

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