Plastic Repair (hot staple)

Hey has anyone used one of these

I got one of these kits for under $30 on Amazon and I have some plastic on my car that needs repair. Looking forward to trying it out.

We used J B WELD PLASTIC BOND with a dremel tool worked really well. Greet videos on youtube.

I’ve always been curious about how well, or not, those hot staple units work. Looking forward to reading your comments and seeing the work photos.

I have used the hot air plastic “welders” with plastic filter rod. It felt like i was trying to make precision welds with an oxygen lance.

I redid a bunch of cracks, and digs on my 2005 by using the super glue and baking soda trick. I had never tried it before and was amazed at how well it worked. The results can be sanded and when painted are hardly noticeable.

The hot staples work well. I have used them on snowmobile hoods. Care in lining everything up is the key. A second set of hands will probably be needed to help hold things in alignment.

I have seen videos on the super glue and baking soda. That looks promising as well.

I bought that exact gun, works really good.