Heat gun on inner fender

I’d like a 1/4" more clearance on the inner fender of my 2001 E825 and thought of using a heat gun to bend the white body plastic slightly. A search of the forum showed one reference from @Inwo
Any more details on how, or if I should, from anyone?

Oxy-Acetelyne torches work better than hear guns. Just sayin.

So let the torch indirectly heat the plastic? Any recommendations on how to properly bend the plastic? I was thinking of just applying pressure with a 2x4 while heating.

Kinda wimpy JJJava since we all know your preferred choice would be dynamite. LOL

That’s more like step #3 when you can’t get your hands on a bulldozer. But, now that you mention it, dynamite and a trash bag full of jellied gasoline could take care of step #2 and #3 of my patented “Four Step Cure It ALL for early model GEMs” in one swoop.

I like it!

My 2000 Gem body is fiberglass so a heat gun would not work. I removed the inner fender well material with a 60 grit sanding drum on a 90 degree high speed air grinder.

Interesting. Maybe they changed in 2001. The 2001 (not 2000) service manual says ‘molded white plastic’ and it feels like plastic.
I haven’t tried it yet, but will give a heat gun and some c-clamps a go soon.