Picture needed E825 Harness

Can someone please post a pic of the wiring connector for the headlights/blinker/horn connector under the hood of a E825? I need to see where the wires go into/from the four pin. Thanks.

Thank you! Is your horn wire cut?

No, the horn is the solid orange wire. Not sure what the yellow/green is for.

So that yellow/green isn’t connected to anything? I now have four wires (Y/G is one of them) going into the plug and only have three available pin locations.

Why is this like doing math?

Maybe this helps a bit? MSpaint FTW.

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BTW - I can’t guarantee my wiring hasn’t been monkeyed with by the previous operators.

Wow, thank you for doing that! Looks like the Yellow/Green isn’t used after all.I got them connected without it and everything seems to be working.

Posting photos? I know you can upload your photos to a website, and click the link icon to post. Is there a way to upload directly from your files?

When you open a reply or post window, just click the upload button circled in red. If you don’t have that button, there might be a minimum post count or something required before it becomes active, I’m not really sure how the forum software / trust levels are configured.

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I traced that wire and it goes to the switch on the parking brake. I have been told that it is typically always not used because the horn would sound if you had the e brake in the up position.

Interesting set up. Happy B day BTW.