Passenger side blinker ,brake light

Passenger side blinker front and rear and ,brake light not working, only on passenger side. Headlight works. Turn indicator solid red
Any ideas

Joe, I just went through this. Check the ground coming out of the four pin connector under the hood.

My four pin connector was melted. I replaced it and everything worked again.

2005 up Trouble in PDC Common problem.

Mine is a 2002
Thanks I’ll look
Would that happen a just 1 side of the gem?

Thank you
would that affect only 1 side ,the passenger side

Yes. The harness for the blinkers, horn and lights all run through that connection/ground. It screwed up all off the lighting on my car, front and back.

Once there’s a bad connection/short the entire system gets wonky.

Hi Rodney,

I hope you are well, I recently saw your profile, and I have interest in buy from you the frame adapter to make my GEM E825 2002 to 4 seats, I already have an EZGO flip seat, brand new. Thank you

Sorry I dont do those anymore.

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