Another E825 Electrical Gremlin. Headlights, Flashers Wonky Edit: Burned Connector?

When I turn the key on, both red lights on the dash light up, normally only one does. on. After they turn off (about 10 seconds) I flip the switch for the headlights; the headlights don’t turn on, but the two red dash lights come back on.

In addition to this, the blinkers are acting strange. The indicator shows that both sides are on (like hazard lights) yet the front aren’t coming on, only the rears, an both at the same time.

This happened about a month ago and I did actually fix it by cleaning up the ground under the hood. That didn’t fix it this time.

Anyone have any idea as to what could be the problem?

The Edit: After pulling connectors apart looking for the problem, I found this connector (horn, flashers, headlights) to be in pretty bad condition.

I’m guessing you have a grounding issue. The intended ground path is not working and it has found a different path through your lights. Check to make sure the ground connectors are still attached. If you have been under your dash resently it could be that one came free.

That’s what it was. The ground from the horn to the frame was bad and it burned up the connector. New connector was wired in and is not getting hot, so I am going to call it fixed.