Gem e825 2002 light issue

All the sudden the two lights behind the seats just stopped working. Im attaching a pic with the lights in question circled. I checked all fuses under the hood and they are all fine. I also doubled checked all wires/bulbs and everything is intacted with the lights. Right before they went out they flickered when i was going over a brick road and then all the sudden went out if that helps any.

I have the '02 e825 truck model, wiring might be a bit different than the 2-seat, but if memory serves, there is a square 4-pin connector under the seat that goes to the lights. According to the schematic, colors are violet/blue, black/blue and grey/blue. There is also a 6 pin connector, which I think is under the dash by the DC-DC converter. Check to see if those shook loose or maybe the lights lost their ground. Test at the connectors with a 12v trouble light pen.

Checked and nothing is loose and tested the connectors and all checks out. Not sure what to do next.

Btw i also have the truck model. i just used that image as a reference

am i missing some sort of relay or something?

You tested the 2 connectors and and had 12v across the positive and negative?

Those are brake/running lights. Have same model. Have you checked the bulbs? Have you checked if there is power to the bulb socket with lights on/brake pedal depressed?

There is a ground to frame wire behind the seat that maybe an issue. The seat back has two screws thru the plywood backing at the bottom behind lower seat cushion.

Take the plastic lenses off both lights and there are long screws thru the light into the top of the seat back.

Let us know if you figure out.