Philippines EV Plant

Interesting news from abroad. The Philippines is building an electric vehicle plant to build electric tricycles and electric jeepneys.

BOI approves electric vehicle factory | Economy | GMA News Online

Hi Kwillscherer92

Many thanks for spotting this article and placing a link on the website. This is the kind of development which will assist the electric vehicle market for many years to come because the more people see electric vehicles such as tricycles the more comfortable they will become with electric powered transport.

That is nice the Philppines is building an EV factory. The Jeepneys (buses) don’t have a long range at 55km though. I wonder if that isn’t a problem for where they will be used though.

More and more countries are now investing not only in EV plants but also in charging networks. Some people are suggesting the industry will go mass market in 2017 but if the rate of improvement continues to build it might even be earlier?

The citizens of the Philippines will surely love the idea. As of the moment, the only alternative that we this country has for fuel-powered vehicles are LPG or gas tanks and they are mostly on taxis. Jeepneys and tricycles are the most commonly used transportation here so it will definitely be a great surprise to commuters as long as the fare will not rise up.

philippines is doing a nice in the field of electric transportation and the whole countries in the world should think about it and with the help of electric our environment wold be safe