Older Gem Car Parts

I will be listing some parts shortly of some parts off a 1999 and 2002 Gem 4 seater. Looking to see if there is any interest in anything in particular.

Parts include a differential out of a 2002 4 seater (SOLD), 12 volt converter (old style), misc. wiring, shocks, possibly a T1 controller, 3.5hp motor. Any parts in particular, just ask. List, pictures and prices coming soon.!

3.5 hp motor $200 plus shipping.20180827_162841|375x500

T1 controller $325/offer plus shipping

do you still have the gen 1 DCDC for sale? i need one for my 2004 as it was never upgraded to the enclosed style.

I do not. Thank you for the intrest.

Looking for controller for 99 nev. also pwb and dc/dc converter.

I sold all my extra parts for the gem. Sorry.