Old EV commercial?

i have vague memories of an old electric car ad on TV like 8-10 years ago. it was a real scenario type of commercial with real people not actors.
A woman was driving a yellow EV of some sort and pulls into a gas station. the service attendant cant find the gas cap anywhere and then she tells him its electric.

anyone else know the ad? or the car in it? if anyone has any info or a link to a video i would be grateful. it has been bugging me for a while now.

by the way, hello! im new here!

i dont think i’ve ever seen that comericial… but check on youtube and see if they have it. i have no idea. and welcome to the site!

ive been looking. i cant find it anywhere…
i think it was a small hatchback… not sure.

I don’t think I saw that one, but I do remember one where a woman drops a car off at an emissions station, and they can’t find the tailpipe-

i think thats it! any info?