Oh, yes I did! (you gotta see it)

Because it’s true. That’s what’s inside…


But does it have LIDAR?

Due to it’s roots being more of a Gem/Tesla/Inwo hybrid, I would have gone more of a GTi direction.

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That is funny! It could have, for a few days anyway. I got to see a prototype LIDAR sensor that was installed on a rental car - my nephew was in Detroit pitching it to one of the Big 3 at a test facility (I don’t think I’m supposed to say which one). It was really cool to watch it in real time on a screen in the passenger seat. Crazy accurate and fast!
Also funny because Elon originally rejected LIDAR in favor of cameras, but has now very quietly acquired a LIDAR startup company. So Teslas may in fact have LIDAR in the coming years, instead of the faulty self-drive systems they have now.

Faulty Self-drive system? I don’t think we want to start that battle here…:slight_smile:
From a two Tesla owner (and Tesla power GEM as well) - My view is it is clearly the best, well only - self-drive system on the market. (GM’s superdrive does not count unless you just want to drive on few limited hwy)
LIDAR is cool don’t get me wrong but I don’t think any of us a in a place of enough knowledge to know know what is BEST. This tech is going to change 10 fold in the next couple years.

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LOL - fair enough. I come pre-biased! Guilty as charged!

FWIW, the state of LIDAR really sucked when Tesla was first making cars. And having a hugely expensive short lived spinning mechanical device on a consumer vehicle is just a dumb thing to do. So while Musk did not spell these things out to the public when his statements about not wanting or liking LIDAR on Tesla vehicles bent people out of shape, they had point and purpose. Solid state LIDAR is VERY new and only became commercially available in 2020. Things change and smart people change too.

I think you need a few more TESLA decals.
How about down the side and a sticker across the window

LOL! I’m doing my best to confuse people! I DO have them on the sides as well!

Betcha you don’t have one of these yet tho…

Niener. Niener.

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The gloves are comin’ off now!!!

No twin flag poles off the back of the bed?

Me walks away disappointed.