Noisy power steering on cold days

My power steering has been noisy on colder days, it goes quiet after a few minutes, but its very annoying and I want to figure out how to address it. I am not a mechanic, so need some expert opinions from DIY crowd.
I’m in Tampa FL, so “colder days” is a relative term, but on any day below 60F my car will make this screeching noise until it warms up. On warm/hot days there is no noise at all. See attached video to hear the noise. Its very difficult to show my accessory belt system since there it no room to stick the camera down there. I have a pulley on my Warp9, original AC compressor which spins freely since its clutch is not engaged and original PS pump. I also added a belt tensioner recently in attempt to reduce belt slippage, which was making a different kind of noise even on normal warm days. This is a new belt I installed at the same time with tensioner.
Do you guys think I need to replace the pump? Or maybe tighten or loosen the belt? PS fluid is very clean and I also recently replaced it in attempt to address this issue, but it did not help with noise.
The noise comes and goes at different RPMs and does not seem to get any better or worse when I turn the wheel, i.e. does not seem to be related to fluid pressure in the system.

Make and year of vehicle?