NmG "Sparrow" and BugE 3 wheeled

Meyers Motors continues the old Sparrow now named the NmG for “No more Gas”

Also in Oregon there is the BugE

Also considered and registered as a 3 wheeled motorcycle but 1/5th the cost. But it can not travel on the interstate and has limited range at higher speeds.

Just thought I would throw these out here as well but they do not fit under the car section.

those cars are a little too…off for me… it looks like they wanted to design a nice and sleak car from the back and then gave up on the front and just put almost a normal car on it… that part of it bugs me… i dont know… i just like other electric cars better… if they want this market to boom they have to have some normal and some “cool” looking stuff out there… no one wants to look like a clown because they choose to try to make the environment clean…