Newbie in need of manual for 2009 e6 with 9 gel cells

Hi all, am somewhat mechanically inclined, need owner manual / wireing diagram/ service manual/guides. Currently had not been charged for past 8 months and batteries are below charger minimum voltage threshold. Have a pist waitinto be approved by moderator. Would like to try and revive existing batteries. But…

Have been reading and getting great info on this site, once temporarily resurected gel batteries i will be looking inti sourcing used chevy volt or nissan leaf lithium battteries for upgrade much desired results that many of you are reporting. I love researching, learning from others experiences, and implementing those. I am a retired police officer that enjoys projects that yield both self accomplishment along with a cost effective result in improvement. I welcome any help and in sight, thanks guys, seems like a great group that share great info…Johnny O

I have manuals email me