Newbie battery help

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum…I’m thinking about building an ev out of a Neon but I am in the process of researching before I take on the project. This forum has been helpful, from what I have learned I need about 120 total to reach a speed of 100+ kph. Also I realize the range depends on the ah. Now I am having trouble understanding the difference in the batteries in looking at for purchase. I have been looking at batteries (can’t post links as as the board require 5 posts before they allow) One battery is 48v 100th for 1500$ and one is 12.8v 120 ah for 100$ each so 4 of these is 1/3 of the price but also equals 48v. I’m confused at the differences between batteries and I want to make sure I buy correct ones. could someone give me good guidance on what to look for in a battery?

There are 10 pages in this section, Suggest you read all of them then ask the questions you have not found answers to.