Newb w/ motor question

Greetings and thanks mods for letting me jump in here. I’m new to the GEM world but have been tinkering with 2-stroke dirt bikes for years so tools don’t frighten me.

I just acquired a 2002 GEM e825 (four-seater). It needed batteries (done) and some minor aesthetics tended to. However, motor would periodically ‘stick’ like the brushes were hanging on an old mustang motor. So, pull off the motor and discover it has some water damage - and major corrosion inside.

Contemplated rebuilding the motor but just found an inexpensive replacement motor – but it’s the smaller 3.5 hp motor (still 72 v and bolt pattern is identical). What is the downside of swapping the dead 5 hp out with the 3.5 hp unit? I’m not interested in speed, it’s essentially going to be a golf cart for our lake house neighborhood…but way more comfortable than the Ez-go gang’s rides :).

Thanks in advance for the intel.

sapidusandsuds (crabsandbeer)

If you don’t have big hills and stay at 25 MPH the 3.5HP is fine. My 99 is 3.5HP. Were on flat land so Ive got it pumped up to 30MPH.

You won’t even have to change programming.

All that being said. These GE Motors are pretty tough. If it doesn’t have any dead spots on the armature clean it up, install a new bearing, free up the brushes, give it a coat of paint and run it like you stole it. Make sure you grease the spline. If you don’t change out the rubber bumper add 4 layers of electrical tape

If you do get the 3.5 change out the bearing first. Don’t get the $2 one, spring for the expensive Fafner at $5.