New Wheels on the 2008

Big improvement! What size tires are those?

Grant , Are those the new Diamond wheels ?

Yes they are

I take it those replaced the ones I put on my Gem ?

Ok “just for Fun” see if you can Follow the wheels.

These wheels first ended up on my 2002

I Sold that car and the New owner wanted these wheels.

So I took the wheels from the blue car and put them on my 2008

Then I decided these wheels would look best on my 2017

So that left my 2008 in need of wheels. And seeing how the wheels you have are no longer available I picked these.

My 2013 with the same wheels you have

LOL Nice looking wheels. I’m kind of partial to the old stock pizza cutters though…

the new white ones look bigger than the og’s

you guys are killing me… Can’t believe what a better look those wheels make… I’m gonna need another side job!