Off road Gem tires and wheels for sale $200

I guess its ok to list gem parts for sale here ? This is where the Gem people are so it makes sense to me .This is a set of off road Gem wheels are tires . Tires have little wear and are in great condition . These come with factory gem wheels and hub caps read to bolt on .

located in Naples FL. $300 plus shipping

mike 239 784 5690

Still available . These are the standard gem 4x4 lug pattern . Should work with any gem that has 4 lugs .

Those tires look cool for a guy that’s doing a lifted gem conversion. Zombie apocalypse tires

finally got the new wheels for the Gem and was able to remove these . Here are some more pictures .
IMG_20190715_113345 IMG_20190715_113356 IMG_20190715_113405

Were these mounted on a lifted or stock GEM?

Stock gem . No lift required

I will take 200 for them

they are available . listed on ebay for $220 but available directly for 200 . get my your zip and i can find out shipping ?

price drop to $160 to make some room in my garage .

How hard are they to ship?

Not hard to ship Fed ex ground. I just had a set shipped from CA to FL

I’ll ship you a set of ten green batteries. You ship me the tires.
I remember that you wanted some spares.

Yeah that fine . Can I ship them to 7 reefers ? :upside_down_face:

Swap address in Email?

Have you ever tried shipping via Greyhound Bus? Slow but cheap I am told.

I don’t suppose these are still available? Can I ask anyway, where did you find them? Been looking for a few days for beefy tires like this but not sure where to look that isn’t trying to sell me golf cart tires.

Thanks in advance!

@jrjava owns them now.