New Trike johanson3

Johanson3 is an aspiring manufacturer of electric tricycles, but a curious would-be rider will not find many specs on the company’s first project. And in the realm of personal transportation, that is a revolutionary idea.
e design is a stable three-wheeler, with the driver leaning back rather than sitting (though sitting is an option). Feet rest on a plate, and pressing down on that plate creates a lean on the front wheel, turning the vehicle while the rear wheels remain solidly on the ground. That makes for easy on-and off, especially for those who – owing to age, injury, or fashion choice ("skirts, saris, djellabas, and kimonos” are accommodated, according to Johanson3) – cannot throw a leg over a bicycle seat. Various models accommodate single riders or as many as three adults plus two kids, and can haul up to 660lbs of flesh and cargo.:lock1:
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