Pre-order Johanson3 trike

I love new vehicles especially if they serve your needs the best way possible.
Johanson3 - manufacturer of new complementary range of electric trikes with high payload capacity.
Cool alternative to cars in urban areas at a fraction of the cost
The first vehicle ever designed with women in mind ( you can wear skirt, sari, dress)
Fast, functional and easy to drive
Foldable and dismountable ( for quick storage and transporting)
Big payload capacity
Able to sit up to 3 adults and 2 kids in its heaviest version
Flexible with 5 models to choose from
Enabled for accessories and customization (solar roof, luggage combinations)
Ergonomically designed for pedestrians which put you in secure position in traffic (humankind took thousands of years to stand up and walk. Why do we need to lay down to drive?!)

visit johanson3 company website to pre-order