New NEV - Mullen Urbee 100e and 100e4

Could someone make a new Sub’ for the Mullen Motors Urbee 100e and 100e4?

I have a all sorts of information to share, but I can’t. Because I am not an “active member”. If you could make me an active member too, I will share a lot more stuff about it to get the sub’ rolling. :wink:

If you would like to see a big dump of photos for this car,I have a big dump of photos!

DISCLAIMER: I found most of these photos using reverse Google image searches, and digging through Chinese sites with no translator. These are not the official photos from Mullen Motors! If you want to visit Mullen’s website,click here. Check out the Mullen Urbee links under Vehicles at the top of the page. I found the reset of these photos because I wanted to see more. :wink:

Standard 2-door model (note the ‘popped roof’)

Some interior photos …

The knee-knocker :wink:

Side view …

From an unofficial brochure …

Some show-off pictures from the service shop in China (from Dayang Motorcycles site) …

You too can park like a complete jerk!!

How does it do in standing water?

Unnecessarily bump roads?

On a steep hill? (max grade is 20%)

Size comparison to a 2000-era VW Bug

Some glamour shots …

Some sort of factory event with unfinished Urbee’s (sharing so you can see the frame) …

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Here are some pictures of the accessories …

You probably noticed from the pictures that many of these have a luggage rack. This is standard on the 2-door model from Mullen Motors. It does not seem to interfere with the pop-up roof. Also, this does not appear to be available on the four door model.

There is also a “rack” for the rear of the car (have not found this in the USA) …

On which you can put a ‘bucket’ of sorts, which resembles a toolbox (also not found in the USA) …

LINKS TO ACCESSORIES IN CHINA (hopefully these will come to the USA with the car?)
That nifty toolbox
What looks like a plate to cover the front of the car … winter driving?
A cover!
A drink holder
Replacement hoods
Luggage Straps for the roof rack
Door panels
What appears to be snow tire straps

Dayang CHOK’s home page (the manufactured in China?)
Does it jump curbs?
Nice gallery of pictures (loads slow)
A nice product brochure

BIG DISCLAIMER: There is an Italian car called a Biro, which this car is NOT! If anything, this is a knock-off of the Biro. I am not linking to that car for fear that people will think that they are the same. Needless to say, the Italian number has far more style (better looking tires, slightly better body styling, clear door panels, etc). It also has some features that you don’t see with the URBEE. Namely, a small rear trunk, and a removable battery. The concept of a removable battery probably doesn’t make sense in most scenarios. But in the small streets of foreign countries you may have a hard time stretching power out to your car to charge it. So the Biro` has a battery that pops out with it’s own retractable luggage rack (on wheels) so that you can take it inside and charge it (neat!). So you should check out that car. It’s brilliant! But it is NOT the URBEE. :wink:

Interesting - Thanks for posting.

I like the way they hinge the doors.

[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;23289]Interesting - Thanks for posting.

I like the way they hinge the doors.[/quote]

Ah yes, SUICIDE doors! :smiley:

I also like how they handled the windows. You don’t have room for windows that roll up and down (and that would inflate the cost). So what do you do? Sliding windows! Reminds me of the old “smokers window” (that triangular piece that flips out) on older vehicles.

I could probably even grab a sack of cheeseburgers through there from a drive through. But definitely not a large chocolate shake.

I found a video from the import company, Zap Motors (aka Jonway in China). The video is short, but fun. It shows a test driver going through an obstacle course with uneven terrain - smiling all the way.

I have been dying to see the insides of one of these, and this video reveals a few seconds of video from the factory floor. Here are some screenshots that I snapped.

I doubt anyone else has info - but if you have any inside specs or factory photos, please share them!!

I just heard back from my California contact at Mullen Motors yesterday. The two door Urbee has been DOT certified, and the four door is likely to be certified this upcoming week. They also have CARB approval, which you may need depending on your State and County! In my case, this is not required.

Now I have to see if I can title one of these vehicles. That will be interesting. I will start a new thread for that.

I will report back more on this vehicle later. I am hoping to get a blue 2-door with an upgraded motor package. Wish me luck. :wink:

there is another company ATOMIC ELECTRIC VEHICLES based in Indiana… seem to have the same car… the owner Jim Rice is a friend on FB… seems to be a nice guy… has dealers in Fla at this time… believe this car is an Asian car also sold as a Stallions

Atomic Electric Vehicles - Atomic Electric Vehicles

[quote=eS GEM Colo;23407]there is another company ATOMIC ELECTRIC VEHICLES based in Indiana… seem to have the same car… the owner Jim Rice is a friend on FB… seems to be a nice guy… has dealers in Fla at this time… believe this car is an Asian car also sold as a Stallions

Atomic Electric Vehicles - Atomic Electric Vehicles[/quote]

Thanks for sharing the link! That is the same car all right. I would think that you would see more of these now that they are DOT approved and can be imported. My Mullen guy in California sort of dropped of the earth (haven’t heard from him). I will give Jim a should and see what his availability is. :slight_smile:

If I could get one of these from Indiana (to Ohio) that would sure beat the transportation fee from California!

I know Jim wants to get his on the road… he says and has shown of manufacturing… last week on FB he shower two models a 4 seat and a truck… the Atomic used wheel motors and I believe are rear wheel drive… Jim also says the door design and paten is his… I’ve seen the Stallions for about a year from a friend in Thailand… who sells them there… you don’t want the freight from there :slight_smile: … if your on FB drop by the group GEM Car Photos… it’s not all GEM cars


I cotacted Jim. He is putting me in touch with Pit Proout of Indiana (my local dealer). They do some nice custom work on golf carts, although I didn’t see any like the one we are discussing here?

I LOVE those full transparent doors! Very cool. That is the standard style of the Italian Biro` that the Chinese model imitates. It was also nice to see pictures of the frame in the gallery. Until now I have been unable to see what they look like “naked”. :wink:

Initially I was going to try and buy a car from China and have it imported here. But that seems damn near impossible. I think I would have a 100% chance of my vehicle getting stuck in customs for eternity. I will leave the importing to the dealers!

I will check that out. Thanks Bob!! Great information!!

rayhaque… I found something that looks like the Atomic and Mullen Urbee cars, both on eBay and Craigslist… more about the Jonway cars is that they are a rebirth of the Zap Company as Zap World… Zap built cars in the early 2000s in Northern CA… they were famous for the 3 wheel cars and a truck… they folded up their tent like a lot of other companies and moved to China

New 2014 Street Legal Mossimo Jonway Electric Car Enclosed Cab Must See RARE | eBay

Zap World…

[quote=eS GEM Colo;23458]rayhaque… I found something that looks like the Atomic and Mullen Urbee cars, both on eBay and Craigslist…
Nice find!! I have looked on eBay but I have never seen this sort of car on there. I guess my assumption is that they are only beginning to import these.

Ah yes, the Xebra! The only problem (at least for me) with a three wheeler is that they fall into a motorcycle category in Ohio. And until the laws change - I would be legally required to wear a helmet driving one. NOT even kidding!! :pound: Also, I know that if I bought one of those now I would be looking at upgrading/replacing … everything on it. :frowning:

Zap World is where I initially saw the Urbee, and it looked like one of the cars that I had been looking at on and But I am not sure that I would buy a car from there - even if I could. I would rather leave the work of getting it through customs to the dealers.

Also - Zap does not seem to actually sell the Urbee. It is no doubt a product of Jonway, but when you contact them they refer you to a dealer (in my case that was Mullen Motors).

I had a conversation this morning with Mike Nelson of Pit-Pro. He runs a golf cart shop (sales, service, and custom work) and seems to be pretty established. They operate out of Indiana. He presently has two “Urbee’s” which in his line are called Atomic EV’s. He has a red one - and a blue one (both two-door). He quoted me a number of the phone which seemed a little high to me, but I am comparing his price to a guy who never sent a quote and stopped responding to me. So not really a fair comparison! He is having his folks draft something for me.

But the Atomic EV’s all come with AC and the trunk accessory (both of these are usually considered options from what I have seen). I am not sure if he has the ‘motor upgrade’ in these models or not.

Oh - and I learned something new about these vehicles. I saw in some old pictures on the Atomic EV Facebook page that there were some of these with the solid transparent doors (instead of the half-panel with the sliding window) and larger, but more narrow tires. They looked a LOT like the Italian Biro`. When I asked Jim @ Atomic about them, he said that those were the “generation 1” models, which didn’t come with any of the standard stuff you get now (namely, heat, AC, or even a radio).

Still, might be able to get a new generation vehicle, and put those doors and tires on it? I really liked the style!

the reason I chose the GEM car was because of the dealer network and that they are built in the US… yes I’m sure some things come from China but I feel there are quality controls in place… I am GEM car Colorado on FB… people think I’m a dealer which I’m not… I get all kinds of friends from China who want to sell me Lithium batteries as I’ve expressed more that once I’d like to have… I belong to the Electric Auto Association (because my car is electric) and our local chapter has a man who heads up an electric truck company… at a recent meeting he was saying they but two containers of Chinese batteries at a time… not for the ‘deal’ but out of the two they might get one container of good batteries… another guy on FB just got slammed by a race car group because out of the batteries they got from about half worked… I know when I need a charger from GEM and it doesn’t work I can send it right back and have another in a day or two…


Another thing to consider about Chinese made NEVs is where to get parts. Will you still be able to get parts five years from now? Will the company still be in business? How long will it take to have the parts shipped from 11,000 miles away? Some shops will not work on “no name” products. As soon as a unique part is unavailable, you will have to: find a suitable replacement, pay someone to make a replacement, find a replacement for the assembly that uses the unique part, or get rid of the vehicle. No one wants the White Elephant Disease.


Saw that with a guy who had a ZAP car… he broke something in the front end… no dealer… the company was gone as was the car… thanks to GEMcarmechanic (Daniel) and others here who have taken the time to research and make a list of after market replacement parts for the GEM car… cars can be fixed without the need of the dealer


These are all really good points. And something that I have taken into serious consideration. On one hand - you could say “everything is made in China”, which has some truth to it. But when you work with a no-name product you have no idea about what the quality standards might be. What I mean by that i, parts on the GEM may be made in China, but there is still someone demanding a high quality and working with the factories to ensure that high quality. On the other hand, I have ordered quite a bit direct from China over the years and I am surprised by the quality most of the time. And when you are getting something for 1/10th the retail price, I am willing to accept getting a piece of garbage once in a while!! Oh, and you have to be willing to wait WEEKS for shipping (which is usually free, but still … WEEKS!!). Now, this doesn’t relate well to buying an entire car.

I am not so worried about replacement parts, as this particular model is being cranked out in high numbers. Some have said 5,000 a month (from a single factory), but that is taking the word of a guy in China who wants to sell a lot of these. And they seem to be built from rather generic parts. Very few generic parts!

I have a 68 Volkswagen which I have taken apart and put back together several times. I am a terrible welder. And the machinist wouldn’t let me borrow the tool he used to bore out my warped block (what’s his problem??). Other than that, I have no fear of working on cars. As a very poor young man, it was either I get that damned car running or I rode my bicycle the next day! :smiley: I almost look forward to the challenge of having to work on a car like this. What can I say? I am a glutton for punishment.

did the machinist have the sign saying you can barrow my wife but not my tools :slight_smile: I’m not anti Chinese… you sound like you can rebuild something if it breaks… there are some cool looking electric cars built in China… getting them here and the made legal for the streets is the hard part… have a friend in TX who bought a mobility car company ten years ago… it was an Eastern European company and she’s been manufacturing and selling cars…in Europe… because of the laws in the US…this year she has finally gotten DOT approval to sell them here… the car the Kenguru is about the size of the GEM car with a back hatch that opens for a wheelchair

I have seen that car! It’s very impressive! I’m sure it’s a nice option for someone who’s only option up to now has been one of those giant cargo vans with the lift on the side (which gets notoriously blocked by some jerk).

I was digging through ‘direct from China’ sites last week and I came across a pretty intriguing picture, which appears to be a thumbnail of a take-apart or parts blowup for this vehicle. But I have not been able to find a larger version (despite all my best reverse-Google image searching).

I have also been pretty amused with all of the variations of this car. My first assumption was that these folks in Florida and California were all using the same importer (Jonway?). But some have all of the options (motor upgrade, AC, etc) installed, and others sell them separately. Also - there seems to be some variance in the door panels. That makes me think that there are several different importers at work here, using different factories. Some of the variations can be pretty neat!

For instance, I found one last night I had never seen before which had thicker doors and standard rolling glass windows (all the others have a thinner door with a sliding glass window).

I have a solid quote on one of these now. My first in three attempts! I may just own one soon. We’ll see what my credit union thinks about the idea. :wink: