New model canvas doors

Anyone have pics of the OEM soft doors on the new models? All I have been able to find is the diagram looking picture. The gem builder makes them look like a really tight and wind resistant fit but not sure how they would stack up to the hard doors. Reading on here some people seem to prefer the soft doors due to noise of the hard doors. Not sure if that is still an issue with the new body style cars. Obv any input/opinions welcome but was specifically looking for some real life images

All I can find is a cartoon figure. Looks great in this mock up. I’ve never seen them on a coach. Maybe because they are flimpsy and more bother than it’s worth IMHO. Doors were much improved in 2016+.I like the doors personally and don’t find them noisy. Plus I can keep the GEM outside and the interior doesn’t get messy.

Exactly. I came up with this on the build site. It even has the 360 view feature so it is helpful but still no substitute for a real pic and real experience. Thx for the input on your doors