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Hello All,

You all have some pretty neat stuff on here.

I have been interested in solar EV’s for years now! Well I did it! I built my first solar EV! It is just a neighborhood car to go get the snail mail a mile down the road.

It has 4,700 watts using 6 each DC motors. 282 each lithium ion 3.66 volt x 866 mAh batteries. 48 volt 60 amp solar charge controller. 700 watt solar array. Disc brakes. HID / LED lights. .065" x 1.5" Round tubing frame themed after the Ariel Atom British car. 24" front wheels and 28" rear wheels. Metallic blue paint. Indy car styled lay-down shocks, 4 wheel unequal wishbone suspension with 1/2" heim joints at wheel. I wanted this car to be 4 wheel turning, however this is a more difficult task to accomplish than I had expected, slow speed all wheel turning is the next step.

to see my car goto youtube and my handle is azman67.
Search '100% Solar Car’
This site will not let me post a URL because I am a new member.

I still have much work to do on it. I have a little over $2,000 invested in parts and material and I did the metal bending and fabrication myself.

It really is an amazing feeling driving from only the Sun’s energy!

This is my first step to ending my dependancy on petrol/gas for fuel.

My next step is a Tesla model 3 for $35,000 in 2017 I hope!

Thank you,:smiley:
Cave Creek, AZ

Welcome to our group Nathan. Looking forward to your future participation.


Hi Rodney,
Thank you for the welcome!


I am new on the site too. I am a business master’s student conducting research for my final assignment. The project is actually to see if there is demand for a product that charges EVs using solar power generated from domestic solar panels. I thought you would be an ideal candidate to fill out my survey, considering you have a solar car!!! So cool. I would really appreciate your input, considering it is something you seem to know a lot about.

The site wont let me post the link but i will when i post up 5 posts :slight_smile:


Hi Azman67

First of all welcome to the forum - I for one would welcome more information about your past and future EV related projects. What you have posted so far sounds very interesting.