Let me introduce myself, Jim Stack Chandler AZ

My name is Jim Stack. I live in a 110% Solar home. It’s 100% electric like our vehicles. I try to be very efficient in all things we do. In fact we conserve on water, eat Vegan which uses 4x less energy and 100x less water. I hyper mile even in our electric vehicles for maximum range.

We have a leased 2015 KIA SOUL EV we had to lease from California since they don’t offer them in Arizona where we live. We also have a SALVAGE TITLE 2012 Tesla S 85. I call it a recycled Tesla. It’s not very efficient so I ride my bicycle most of the time.

We have 2 of the Tesla model 3 vehicles on order. It’s more the size and cost that makes sense for us. My favorite EV is the Chevy SPARK EV. It can go twice as far as the Tesla on a kWh of electric. It cost 1/4 that of the Tesla S but it’s range is only 100 miles and there is no Nationwide charging. So we may end up with 1 SPARK EV and 1 Tesla model 3.

I’m retired from Telecom. I worked in land line offices, worked with amazing fiber optics and even worked in wireless, Microwave and Iridium Satellite systems. It’s an amazing industry.

I installed my own Solar PV GRID Tied system and Solar Hot water in 2001 before incentives. It has paid off well. I even taught classes on Solar Energy and NABCEP North American Board Certified Energy Practitioners. I love Solar and Light.

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Welcome Jim,

May I ask, how did you first hear about the forum?

I’ve got to tell you, I am impressed with your bio. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a solar panel company to break through in a small island off the Caribbean, Roatan. The entire power grid is privately held and the island is in desperate need for a competitor. I am sure it will come via Solar Panel technology. Only then will I be able to scuba there more than once each year!

Once again, welcome.

Don’t hesitate in letting me know if there are glitches or improvements to be had on the site as you poke around.

I got an email from you since I’m also the president of the Phoenix Elec Auto Association and have been for 6 years.

Lucid motors just announced a big new factory for their new Tesla like car in Casa Grande about 20 miles South of my home in Chandler AZ.

You can buy Solar equipment and install it yourself like I did in 2001. SunPower makes the best panels.

Jim Stack

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