NEW EV Guy in Phoenix Arizona w /OLD CitiCar

I’m very NEW to the EV world !!
I recently bought a PROJECT CitiCar in Phoenix Arizona.

Would like to build a SAFE, CRAZY FAST CHEAP CITI Car for GRINS

48V motor Upgrade to 72V 144V 288v Beyond ??

Forklift motors ??

Any Disc Brake Upgrade ?? UTV Brakes ideas ??

12in. or 13 / 14 mag type wheels?? sugeestion ??

Any EV “guru’s” in the Phoenix area that can point me in a direction ??

Would to keep it ELECTRIC… but might be open to a GAS swap.

Looking forward to hear from the “experts” …

I think it would be a FUN, HOOT of a project.

Thanks in advance.


I would be really interested to hear about your project - would you mind creating a new thread where you can update followers on a regular basis?