New EV Builder here, Hello! :)

Hi Ev’ers,

This is my first post here, so, i thought i’d say Hi, and give a quick outline of my current EV project. I’m really hoping you good folk may be able to impart some required wisdom on a few EV Dilemmas we already have.

I say We, as there is myself (Ashley) my Dad and our good friend working on this project.

We are planning to pop a couple of electric motors (chain driven) onto each of the rear wheels of a small Caterham’esq kit car - with the aim of producing something pretty quick! :slight_smile:

We were planning to use 2no Net Gain Impulse 9’s to give us the high torque we desire, however, from reading these forum posts we came across the Kostov range of motors that claim to be smaller/lighter with similar performance?

So, our first question is, has anyone experience with fitting running the Kostov motors they could share, and, what’s everyone’s thoughts about how they compare with the Net Gain range… and/or could you suggest any different/better Series Wound motors to rival the Impulse 9?

Many thanks in advance,


Hello and welcome to the forums! Sounds like you have an interesting project in the works.
I would suggest you start a new thread in the appropriate area of the forum for Q & A and so we can follow along. Feel free to post pics too! :photo:

Hi there,

Thanks for reply - I’ll re-post now.
'Not really got any photos at the mo, but will update as and when.