NEW BMS technology:energy balancing from Hipower

Recently Hipower updated the new BMS of ENERGY BALANCING, which applied for patent, this new technology greatly improved the LifePO4 battery pack life and performance,
Hipower BMS use energy balancing instead of load balancing, When charging the BMS begins balancing, and when discharging BMS would auto adjus energy of cells, that is BMS will auto transfer energy from high to low among cells, It keeps all cells in same status as volt, capacity, and keeps the weaked cells away from damaging with the help of other cells offering parts of current. so battery consistency becomes less sensitive and energy balancing could greatly eliminate the negative effect of inconsistence of cells after a period of usage. The whole battery pack could offer constant, stable power.

Normal fuction (introduce ) of Hipower BMS:
Monitoring and controlling the key parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, etc., during charging and discharging, and generate alarms and reaction when any of parameters become out of limits. Also Charger and controller of motor with CAN BUS could receive signal sent by BMS with CAN BUS, they would reaction just in time with the BMS indication. (For BMS with CAN BUS type)

Fast reaction as one whole power system:
Advanced Hipower BMS can offer signal transport and display function, the signal which follow the CAN BUS protocol will be accepted by Charger and Controller of motor also with CAN BUS. That means Charger and Controller will action just in time with the indication of BMS such as over charge protection, over discharge protection, abnormal temperature status, and other limits be set. BMS with display would offer better Human-machine interaction. Users can setting all parameters as they want. The display would show the real time data, also logging data in storage, which can be used in analyzing the whole power system, and alarm signal can also be shown on display.

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There is no doubt that all of the above i mentioned means that we are helping you to prevent your battey from damaged and can have a best performence.