New batteries or new charger

I am trying to determine if I need new batteries or my charger is not working properly. My batteries Gem Gel batteries are now about 8 years old. My charger will not kick on and I often get a red blinking light.

I also show a charge rate of about 50% on my dash indicator. So I thought I would charge all the batteries up separate. Then see what charge rate I was showing. Is there a way to charge these as a pack? all six 12 volt still tied together? or do you suggest I do all batteries separate?

They can remain connected when you charge each one.

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At 8 years old you need new batteries any way. Do them forst


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The charger will not turn on if the pack voltage is too low. If your batteries will accept a charge, you can charge them individually with a 12V charger to bring the voltage up to a point where the 72v charger will work.

As previously mentioned, 8 year old batteries are not at all likely to be any good.

2 years for good performance. Up to 5 years max. In my case, I have always had such deterioration that I replaced by year 3. And that data is over the life of several EV cart types and one commercial European EV (the CityEl). Last time I went with lithiums and have never been happier. Lithiums are now as cheap as staying with lead acid or gel.

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