New batteries not lasting. 2002 e825

2002 e825
New Trojan 30xhs

Seems to charge well
Car runs 10 miles then -15 and no power.
Have to let the car sit for about 30 minutes start it back up and get home.

Battery seems to drop quickly. Starts quitting at 60%

I understand the new batteries might need to be deep cycle the few times and I have done it at least 12 times. I’m just not getting any real distance so any help would be appreciated

Hey Gary, I’m experiencing a similar issue with my vehicle and new batteries. Did this resolve itself after more cycles? I’m not getting the -15 but after 6 - 8 miles of hilly terrain, my vehicle experiences substantial power loss. I am getting about 20 minutes before the power drops out. I’m only about 8 cycles in at this point. Thank you.

Check for loose connections at the batteries, clean any corrosion off the cables and connectors. Charge the vehicle, then wait a few hours, check voltage of each battery - ideally with a battery load tester, but a multi-meter will work if it’s all you have. Should be around 13 volts.

Also, how is the acceleration and top speed? If you have any brakes that are dragging, that will eat up the battery charge very quickly. Jack the vehicle up with the power/ignition off and see if each of the 4 wheels spin freely.

Very crappy chargers in early GEMs. I had same headache with my 1999 825 and installed a Quick Charge SCO 7210… That did it. Look for same or equivalent and set it for your battery type.

@Inwo has one for sale at a great price.